without a flame

by glow in the dark scars

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released April 5, 1934

GLOW IN THE DARK SCARS is Fred Champion with some very talented friends.
Chad Troutman: DRUMS and guitar, bass, backing vocals
Jeremy Burnworth: BASS and keyboards, drums, and backing vocals
Simeon Berkley: GUITAR and drums, and backing vocals
Jessie Williams: Vocals on tracks 3, 5, and 7
Vicky Wyrick Phillips: Vocal on track 6

Track 2 was recorded by Brian Weeks
Tracks 6,7,8,10 and 12 was recorded at Sunset Studios
by Jimmy Phillips and mastered by Sonya Johnson.
tracks 1,2,3,4,5,9,11 recorded at GITDS Headquarters.
all tracks created in Wilmington, NC

album artwork: Bess Dolin
visit whenbessattacks.com

rated "R" for adult themes and language.

This album is meant to be played at a comfortable listening volume.

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all rights reserved


glow in the dark scars Rocky Point, North Carolina

proud member of the volcano worshippers club

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Track Name: little songs
(verse) C Am Dm G
(chorus) C Am Dm G
(bridge) C F C G
i'll sing you little songs
i'll be your little slave
make wishes on the scars
for my heart to be saved
i'll pretend i care
when i just want paid
i'll take you by the hand
then i'll try to get laid
well i don't know where to go
but i know i can't stay
you call me lucky
you call this got it made- got it made
let's not waste anytime
keep drinking your beer
we'll get along just fine
when i disappear
into the darkness of my night
with a cat and a couch
i fill myself with courage
raise my glass to the south
(repeat chorus)
i don't wanna go
but i can't stay here
I'm freaking out
and my heart feels weird
how can you be sure?
of the right thing to do
i guess I'll never know
til i try something new
well i don't know where I'm going
but I know I won't stay
you can call me lucky
cause I've got it made- got it made
Track Name: try trying
(verses) G Am
(chorus) D C G / G Am
(bridge) G A D A - G A D G then G A D(x8)
take a look i made a mess and it's all you could stand
i said i really did my best you just don't understand
i try try try but i don't try trying
try try try i should try trying
then maybe i wouldn't be alone
and i'll wait for you.. please come home
but babe I'm all cried out.. I don't want to be your man
you say we can work it out.. yes i know we can
if we try try try .. we just keep trying
try try try .. i would die trying
but sometimes i just need to be alone
so don't wait up for me.. i'm not coming home
so you stood there laughing
well I'm laughing myself
cause I'm glad to be free yeah
I'm glad I'm by myself
and I still remember
a sweet december kiss
that I'll always treasure
but you I never miss
i still love you yes i do
my heart's in your hands
i didn't know what else to do
i didn't make no plans
I just try try try .. i just kept trying
well try try try .. I'm tired of trying
and now its time i should be moving on
and there aint no good way to end our song.
Track Name: paper romance
(verses) G B Am G
(chorus) D C7 D C7 D C7 G
(instrumental bridge) F C G
guess I'm just.. just a little nervous
i haven't felt this way in quite sometime
you see it just that.. that look in your eyes
i've seen it in other guys before you
so please.. don't try to kiss me
I'm not a fan of broken hearts... especially mine.
so let's just.. just watch the movie
and keep each other company
without crossing lines
cause I'm not sure of anything
and i tried to do the right thing
and i like you here by my side
night ended with a hug
hearts are safe but got no love
what the hell was i thinking?
like i had a chance
i should have walked you home
i should have held your hand
i should have been the man
i know i can be
but I'm not sure of anything
and i try to do the right thing
and i liked you here by my side
( instrumental bridge)

I wish on a fallen star
I call you drunk from the bar
"don't you want to dance with a girl like me"
i could be a dream come true
well now all i am is confused
this is not the way i thought it should be
so i blow another chance
Scissors me. Paper Romance
another lonely night, another night alone
cause I'm not sure of anything
and I try to do the right things
and i want you here by my side
cause I'm not sure of anything
and i try to do the right things
and i want you here by my side
Track Name: you're all i need
EASY TO PLAY GUITAR CHORDS: (verse) G C (chorus) D G
well you.. you're all i need sure i could get by
but don't make me please
i will give you kisses.. i'll even do the dishes
while you watch TV
cause you're all i need
you're the blood i bleed
you're all i need
you're the buzz in my jungle weed
my love's like a rocket ship.. set a course for the sun
but you'll never get burned
my kisses would be you're sunscreen
and you're not really mean.. that's what i've learned
cause you're all i need
you're the blood i bleed
you're all i need
you're the buzz in a bumble bee
(instrumental break)
(repeat last chorus)
Track Name: girl makes eyes bleed
hey jessie girl.. i see you've let your hair down
and you're not waitin round for me no more
well i was sleeping blind.. afraid.
i couldn't see the love you gave to me
and now it's too late
cause i heard you got a new boyfriend
you're over me.. i'm just dust in the wind
i waited too long til the wrong night
and i missed your party last saturday night
Now i know.. its not a perfect world
and I'm not the perfect guy
you remind me everyday
but sometimes when i drink i think about love lost sharks
and how heart ships sink at sea.. i almost drowned you see
but now i think i've had enough
so i think i will give you up
but i didn't cry and i didn't run home
and i don't wonder why
cause now i realize .. you're just a girl to bleed my eyes
eyezz - eyezz - eyezz - ey ey ey / eyezz - eyezz -eyezz
ey ey ey - I think i'm gonna cry.
you got it all wrong boy
you should just move on
get yourself a new toy or write a sad song
and i was waiting.. but i didn't wait long.
to get your love your way.. you got to give it all the way
to get your love to stay.. you got to give it all away
so i'm giving up..i think i've had enough
i'm gonna give you up.. well i give up
Track Name: california
EASY GUITAR CHORDS : E & A whole song
don't go to california babe
stay with me you will have it made
I'm gonna be a movie star
ride around in big ol' fancy cars
she's leaving today
she says she's gotta find her own way
she put her junk in the trunk then she said
get out of my way
she wasn't gonna miss me
and no she didn't want to kiss me
so i picked up a rock and i threw it
as she left the driveway
she's gone to california now
i didn't want her any anyhow
i'm going to california
i'll be famous and have lots of fun yeah.
She's going to california
I'm going to california and i'm not coming back
i hope she never comes back
but things didn't go her way
she had too many bills she had to pay
got a note from the landlord says
you need to move out today
and if that's not enough the booze she thought
would make her tough
has soaked up her soul in the process
her dreams got washed away
you should have stayed with me
while you had the chance
we would have fucked, loved and had romance
but you went to california
you can't say i didn't warn ya
now I'm a heroin junkie babe
doing porno, gotta baby on the way
sucking cock and getting laid for little pay
i can't believe i turned out this way
and i don't what to say
what else can i say
there's nothing left to say
there's nothing left to say
Track Name: staying up late
(verse) A Em D A
(bridge) D A D A D A
I've been staying up late
thinking of the chances i didn't take
when i should have
held your hand
and now you've got a boyfriend
you're out late on the weekend
and I'm by the river
living in a van
and you get to go out on dates
while i stay at home and accept my fate
as the loner in my four man band
but I'm gonna try
just a little harder
read me some books
maybe make myself smarter
and next time i just might win
and you would be my girlfriend
and i would be your boyfriend
and a happy ever after
if i was your man
Track Name: ugly
i know I'm ugly
you know its true
i look in the mirror
but what can i do?
i can barely play guitar
and maybe i can sing
but i don't feel like i do
but i try to see things your way
i try not to get in the way
i try not to waste away
but i always do.. yes i always do
now its been three more years
i still feel the same
nobody knows who i am
or knows my game
i can still play guitar and i still sing
but i wonder .. does it mean anything?
it don't mean anything.
Track Name: choppy socks
capo 3rd fret / INTRO & OUTRO G D B (weird B=slide D chord up 2 frets)
(verses) G C Am D
(bridge) D A G
what the hell am I doing here?
and do you even care?
I'm just some old guy on stage
who sings and goes away
but I was the sunshine baby
this clouded heart can take the pain
and I thought your love would save me
but it only knew my name
and i would have kissed your cigarette butts
popcicle sticks, beer cans and straws
anything your lips had touch
well.. almost anything at all
And when my songs are sung
I will be the retard
who sits alone at the bar
bench warmer seldom seen
and i don't stand a fucking chance
i wasn't born to be the spoon
cause i don't bend or kiss the moon
of every girl i see
cause that don't satisfy me.

so I'm searching through the internet
taking all that i can get
hoping for love or pity
and some days i think that I'm ok
and love will come and love will stay
but mostly i just feel depressed
about the world about the government
and how i barely make my rent
and the rhymes i write are shitty
i wish that i could just clear my mind
quit smoking and quit wasting time
and get the hell outta here
she wants to make it one more time
right here on the sea shore
and I'm a crab and I'm a whore
at least that what she believes
and I'm like OK.. one last time
right here on my C chord
then I will lick my scabs and sores
and turn them into songs
that everybody gets wrong
you get it all wrong
you get it all wrong
why can't you get it right
Track Name: never go out
well you don't ever want to go out
you just stay at home and pout
about how you can't find a girl
and how much you hate this world
now i know I'm not gay
and nothing really matters anyway
but if I don't go out and explore
I'm never gonna find a girl
I'm never gonna find a girl
well you finally decide to step out
and see what it's all about
you see a pretty girl downtown
then you start to hang around
you say: i think you're ok
i like you in a very special way
and if you want to be my girl
you're gonna have to rock my world
I'll do my best to rock your world
well you said you'd like to hang out
as long as I don't twist and shout
and you don't mind us going round
as long as I don't bring you down
you say : Let's hit the hay
sex is all i want anyway
and now that i got myself a girl
I'm never gonna leave this world
I don't want to leave this world
I'm never gonna leave this world
Track Name: my dog blue
(verse) C E F G
(chorus) C E F G (x2) then > C E F G F C
i need the sad songs to help me cry
i want the soft touch and kiss of a guy
{i want a soft touch and loving eyes} < unisex lyric
and will someone please hold me
the way i need to be held
and now the sun shines but i stay in bed
hiding under covers pulled over my head
and i pretend for a while
i have no place to be
but then the phone starts ringing
so i pull myself together
my cats need feeding regardless of the weather
and my dog blue tells me he wants to go outside
its not a good day to cry
he brings me his leach and we step outside
its a beautiful day.. clear blue skies and a breeze
god always gives us what we need
we head toward the river where the sidewalk ends
and I'm thinking to myself
about my furry friend that i love
so very much
and its just enough to get me through the day
and life only sucks if you think that way
but my dog blue shows me as he runs and plays
its gonna be ok
and its just enough to get me through the day
and life only sucks if you think that way
and my dog blue showed me just how i should live
yes he did
Track Name: drunken stone
(verse) C Am
(chorus) G C Am
i was drunk and stoned
sitting by the phone
i wasn't sure if i should call you back
i cried a while
i didn't crack a smile
i crawl under my bed just to pet my cat
and i know you think I'm slack
yeah i know you think like that
cut to sunrise trucks are flying by
I'm laying in a ditch and I'm flat on my back
turn on side, wipe sleep from eyes
is that blur my girl or am i still high
and i say "hey" and get slapped
she walks away i flashback
she was just a freak i know
she liked to fuck but not a ho
once she stuck her finger in my ass
"don't" i said as she tied me to the bed
she pulled down her panties
and i kissed where she bled
and i can't keep holding back
the money shot fade to black
so let's turn up the stereo
and listen to SEBADOH
i got no ace, no place to go do you
and I'll drink whiskey sour mash
and I'll drink and drink until I'm trashed
trying to forget about you
just trying to forget we're through
just a drunken stone and all alone
and I'm not sure what I should do
I cry at Night and I hate my life
and it's all because of you
all because of you
Track Name: cd alley jingle
we're not the biggest
we try our best
just selling music
like all the rest
sometimes we're lazy
don't mean no harm
we keep it real and that's our charm
so buy your CDs from me
I'm too far from rich.. won't you please help me.
Buy CDs at CD ALLEY in downtown Wilmington
call 762-4003 or see Me, Ben, Chris, Ryan, and Tiffany
at 8 market street.. that's where we'll be